My Approach to Weddings and Elopements

Please note: I am currently offering short wedding (up to 4 hours) and elopement coverage, booking in Nelson from November 2021.  If that works with you, read on!

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I love weddings.  I love weddings just because there is such a beautiful buzz floating around everyone.  For me, it's not so much about all the pretty things (although they are are rad, don't get me wrong!), it's actually more about the relationships between everyone.

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I live for those beautiful moments with Nana, those sweet interactions between the littles and those dreamy, contemplative minutes before you walk down the aisle or see your love walking to you.

This season has seen me galavanting up a

My approach is around 80% documentary and 20% hands on.   For most of the day, we are capturing what is unfolding in our own special way.  I get a little handsy in the wedding party photo section of the day - and if you are someone who is about to tell me that you are both awkward with photos, well, never fear.  I've got you.  You are my people.

 I love working with my couples to create a gallery that reflects the gorgeousness of your magical day.  I'd love to work with you two!

A note about same sex weddings - I totally understand why I sometimes get messages asking if I'm ok with a same sex wedding, because I'd hate to pick a photographer who wasn't ok with my wedding too.  You absolutely shouldn't have to ask to know that, so here is the answer - your wedding is a wedding and I'm a wedding photographer so of course you are super welcome and I'd love to be part of your awesome day full of love xx

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About Our Packages

All our packages have two photographers, partly because extra angles and perspectives are cool, but also because backing up everything (including me) is ultra cool.

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I adore delivering lush tangible wedding memories, so all packages come with a stunning custom-made print box.  Albums and prints are available as add ons.  Every package comes with an online gallery for 3 months also, so you can choose to share your wedding as far and as wide as you like.

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You receive your gorgeously edited images full resolution in colour and also the full set in black and white.  Score! 

Get in touch to find out more and secure your date.

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