Backing Up... It's important.


I'm a sucker for a good back up system.  As a wedding photographer, I cannot tell you how important it is to have a system that protects against burglary, robbery, fire, flood, technical issues, aliens... Ghosts... 


It's the one area that my paranoia provides something positive, haha.  So here's how we do the do!


We shoot the wedding with:

  • Two photographers (in case I fall down a hole and break my leg, your cover is seamless)

  • Two cameras on me (if a camera breaks, it's guaranteed to be right before the first kiss, never when I'm taking a crazy selfie at home)

  • Two memory cards in each of my cameras (I don't take them out during the wedding in case I misplace them)

From there:

  • I split the cards as we enter the car to leave in case there is a crash that smooshes all; my cameras

  • One set of cards is kept off site with your data on it until your images are delivered

  • Data is on my computer until your images are delivered

  • I back up to two external drives

  • Some packages include an online gallery that can be archived for a limited time after delivery

So I take lots of precautions because I know your images are PRECIOUS.


When you receive your images, your USB, as gorgeous as it is, should definitely be backed up by you.  A great idea is to buy a Parent USB - it's a USB with all your images in a sweet wee box (like yours but smaller, without the prints), custom engraved, and it is a great way to share your images with your parents (and provides a sweet undercover back up!).  Once you have your images, they are yours to keep safe.


I'm no tech genius, but this is one computery area I'm happy to be confident in. 


Let's go make some gorgeous art together!



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