October 29, 2018

Well, if there is one thing I've decided to do this year, it's learn like a mofo.  I've NEVER been quite so obsessed with my job as I am right now, because really, who even gets to go to work and see the magic that is true love?!

So...  I've been a little crazy in love with learning new things in photography.  Which is how I found myself tucked in the the magnificent Chateau Tongariro with a rad bunch of hip and talented photographers from around the country to learn from the sorcery of Chris Turner from christurnerphotographer.com .  He's a dude that is a dynamo behind the camera and a very open book, you ask him something and he's just transparent.  It's a super cool attitude and one that I'm so...

April 27, 2018

Gosh.  Where do I even start.  When Lucinda enquired with me, I was so glad to have their day free.  Their wedding sounded amazing, and as time went by, it was gorgeous seeing their plans finalise.  Suddenly, the day was upon us.  

It was clear to me that Lucinda and Dylan's number one priority was family.  They just wanted to get married with their nearest and dearest by their sides, and that is exactly what they did.

They had stumbled across one of Taupo's gems, the tiny Oruanui Church, for their venue.  At 107 years old, this church is steeped in history and meaning.  Imagining all the souls that have walked in those doors was overwhelming - how amazing to get married in such...

April 27, 2018

I've been having LOTS of fun making night images this past week as part of my Diploma in Photography work.  Night photography has never really been a huge interest to me, but having made a few images now, I can see a whole lot of magical things I can do.  I know this isn't new knowledge to most of the world, haha, but I got there in the end.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few images with your from around Kinloch, Taupo.  Hopefully I will be out a bit more now that nighttime isn't 1am anymore.  😂

First up, we have the luxurious Kinloch Club.  So stunning, and an amazing wedding venue AND just down the road from me.  

Wedding photography Taupo, Taupo wedding photographer, Waikato wed...

April 22, 2018

A gorgeous Taupo engagement shoot.

April 21, 2018

Gosh, what a beautiful day it turned out to be when Annaliese and Ray got married at Huka Falls Resort, right here in Taupo.  I woke in the morning to drizzle, but it had cleared to reveal a most wonderful clear, blue sky.

Here are a few sneak previews from Anna and Ray's special day.  It was so full of love and laughter ❤️  I can't wait to share more.

These were Anna and Ray's amazing vendors:

Venue:  www.hukafallsresort.com

Flowers:  www.bloominflowers.co.nz

Makeup and Hair:  www.beautyonlocation.co.nz

Celebrant:  www.facebook.com/LadyJaneJoy

January 1, 2018

Hello again! 

I thought I'd take a moment to show you one of our new Presentation Boxes for weddings.  We've been experimenting for a while with different ways of presenting images to our gorgeous and loved clients who have chosen the deluxe full day package...  It didn't feel right to just shoot off a link into cyber space when we've worked so closely together, and I'm a lover of giving gifties.  Sooooo after lots of different styles, we're working with these lovely boxes.

These boxes come complete with an engraved wooden USB with your images loaded on to it in high resolution.  These are in both colour, and in black and white.  There is space for your lush 6x4" prints (which is wonderf...

December 30, 2017

I had the delight of dressing my baby up today and making some fun photos of her in an outfit I wore as a baby.  She's at such a wonderful age, all smiley and she just melts me.  I'm making an effort this coming year to reach out and try new things so I'll be blogging a little more.... because one of the things I'd like to try is not being awful at blogging regularly!  While I'm primarily a wedding photographer, I do photograph other things as well so I should really show you some of them, hah!

Here we go, a teeny sweetie.  <3

December 27, 2017

What a huge year!

I would love to take this moment to thank everyone for their very appreciated support through this massive year.  2017 has seen Connect Photography begin to branch out into Taupo weddings, we've rebranded, we've upped our Presentation Box game, created a spanky new website, met a cascade of wonderful couples and people AND this is all just the beginning.  On a personal level, we've planned a wedding, had a baby and flat out adored every moment we've had so far in Taupo.

Last year, on Christmas Day, my gorgeous partner proposed to me and we are getting married in March '18.  It's definitely given me a new perspective and understanding for the couples I work with!

I can't wait to be...

December 14, 2017

Every once in a while a wedding comes along that is so incredibly different!  This was one of those.  How delicious, a school themed wedding!

It was so fabulous to get to know Kylie and Matt as the day progressed.  Their wedding was one that was very much focused on their beautiful family, and their ceremony left a shimmer in many eyes.

So perfectly matched, Kylie and Matt prepared for their day, with their siblings.  Both of these lovely people are hilarious, which made for a day full of laughs and love.  <3  Congratulations Kylie and Matt!

December 10, 2017

I cannot wait to share more photos from this deliciously gorgeous day, but here is a wee sneaky sneak.  Sarah and Andy, congratulations! 

Thank you so very much for choosing us to document your day, it was absolutely stunning and we feel blessed to have been part of it.  You are both amazing people, and you clearly attract other wonderful people - your friends and family are just fantastic.  We had a great time!

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