About Me

I'm Lula, a travelling wedding photographer living in the gorgeous village of Kinloch, Lake Taupo.


My wedding photography ethos is based on authentic and classic storytelling, with a quirky and vibrant twist.  


If you two are after a photography team that is all down with truly being part of your day, if you are after a bit of hilarity and a few hugs, and if you are after some gleeful enthusiasm, we might just be the team for you.  We welcome all couples and are super inclusive, totally happy to work with the needs of you and your guests (on that note, I used to be a preschool teacher and an early intervention teacher which is all sometimes helpful for me in this role too).

Things I adore include photographing weddings and getting to know my fabulous couples, music and gigs, cats, all the colour, glitter, stars, food and caffeine.  ​ I'm an obsessive perpetual studier.  And those are my 4 beautiful children up there.

If you can imagine a sparkly, rainbow fluff-kitten with a camera and a great eye, you've found me. 

We provide a complete luxury wedding photography experience.


Get in touch to look over a comprehensive package list.

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